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So I want to make a new intro for the adventure game longplay channel Future Vintage Gaming. This is what I have already:

x1 x2 x4 x8
position of elements can change, this is easy with 3D. Please give me your opinion on all and everything and maybe some more "classic inventory items" you want to see placed on that table. No Chainsaw please, it is too huge ;)

That looks very good, especially if I imagine it with a pan in animation.

If I were to change one thing, it would be to make the wood more realistic. But as it is, it's not distracting.

Looks very good! Please don't play my game yet, i'm worried it still has game breaking bugs, need to get some feedback from some forum guys...........

Nice :)

--- Quote ---maybe some more "classic inventory item
--- End quote ---
A banana? An oil lamp? A magnifying glass? Some enigmatic symbols carved in the wood?

So, the items on the table are allusions to games, I gather. The map and doubloons must be Monkey Island, the Blue Cup the AGS community, the purple tentacle is DOTT, and perhaps the statue-thing is that object from Fate of Atlantis? But what games do the crystals and the hat signify? (Or the pencil?) They all look very nice.

I guess if you want more objects, one ought to consider which more games you would like to hint at. Creamy's suggestion, the oil lamp, would make me think about Zork, for instance. Something from Sierra? Gabriel Knight's journal?


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