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I want to die (Quiero morir) - Remake
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We're working on a remake of my game I want to die (Quiero morir) from 2008.

You're Max V2000, a sad robot. These words sound very strange but Max is a special robot. He's a Dr. Polansk's creation. Dr. Polansk is a very prestigious scientific. He created a model of robot with feelings called Max V2000. However, something went wrong when Max V2000 started to feel only pain. He's now a desperate robot and he wants to die. He wants to kill his human soul, so he needs to meet Dr. Polansk in order to tell him about his suffering. So, he begins a journey towards Planet Dusk where the doctor lives. Try to find Dr. Polansk and help Max to end his suffering.

What's new
-Improved graphics and animations (including animated backgrounds, new characters design, etc.)
-New and improved puzzles.
-Improved dialogs.
-More consistent story.
-Added new music tracks and sounds effects.
-Improved and simplified interface.

Planet Dusk


Meeting a chorange

Graphics: 100%
Puzzles: 100%
Scripting: 100%
Music and sound: 100%
English translation: 0%

The game will be available in English, Spanish and Galician.
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Re: I want to die (Quiero morir) - Remake
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New screenshot!

Max in Planet Muto

The game is almost complete. We've a beta version and we're working on fix any bug or problem right now. We're going to start working on the English translation soon, so we expect to publish the game before Christmas  :smiley:

Re: I want to die (Quiero morir) - Remake
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Re: I want to die (Quiero morir) - Remake
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The game is released, so this post can be closed  :smiley: