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Shape Village
« on: 18 Oct 2021, 12:43 »
Hello there!

This is my second game now. The title is Shape Village.
Shape Village is populated by characters who are (consist of?) basic shapes. You play as Coney who is a local idler, a sensitive and romantic person. One day Coney gets involved in a series of events that will lead to different disastrous or constructive outcomes. There are four different endings to discover! Depending on choices. And in the meanwhile there is a village and it's population, with a problematic, oligarchic social structure, to get to know to.

Will you forge abstract art for a local big shot? Or perhaps side with a drunk worker against debtors? Such choices and many more!

This said, the tone of Shape Village is mostly quirky, comical and silly, but there're some heavy subjects like substance abuse and, oh dear, labor.

I began developing this game shortly after finishing my first game Fool Around. I had a many month long break from it during summer but got back to it in september. Now, I think it's nearly finished!

UPDATE 20.10: The title of the game is changed to Shape Village. It was an accident at first, because I manically drew 'Village' instead of 'Land' on the menu screen, but actually it's more accurate than Shapeland. The game is finished. I'll have someone try it before release. Oh, and the game will be using a custom font which isn't in the screenshots!

Have a look at the screenshots and feel free to comment!

Coney on the main square of Shape Village.

Outside the village at night.

In the hall of Forgys manor.

Forging a painting.
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Re: Shape Village - Coming soon!
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This game was released!  (nod)

Here's the Completed Games thread: