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Author Topic: RELEASED TODAY! Machines Have Lucid Dreams  (Read 1661 times)

RELEASED TODAY! Machines Have Lucid Dreams
« on: 01 May 2021, 18:36 »
A metaphysical game about finding meaning through 10 objects

The full game is now available for free on


Upon arriving in the dream-state of the machines, you're
given a strange task to retrieve 10 miscellaneous objects -
only to discover from a cast of curious inhabitants that
certain combinations unlock secrets hidden in their memories.

The machines have endured a great calamity in this place
they call home. While some remained steadfast and persevered,
many who once thrived now struggle to remember their purpose.
Others are presumed lost.


Master our unique stacking mechanic to find the missing machines.

Stack, combine, and arrange the found objects into a myriad
of combinations to rediscover the history of this world and
help those old souls who want to leave - find release at last.

  • 10 objects to find
  • 120+ object combinations to discover
  • 8 talking machines, fully scripted to respond to
    these combinations, resulting in thousands of lines of possible dialogue
  • A supporting cast of colourful machine-like friends
  • Consequences for your actions
  • Feature-length story (2+ hours of gameplay)


Machines Have Lucid Dreams is our first game.
We are a two-person studio working out of central London,
who started in March 2020. MHLD is about finding
meaning in the small things... and making the most
out of what little we have.

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Re: Machines Have Lucid Dreams
« Reply #1 on: 01 May 2021, 21:14 »

Looks weird... but intersting!


Re: Machines Have Lucid Dreams
« Reply #2 on: 01 May 2021, 22:20 »
Thank you! After a year of closeted development, we are curious to know what people will think of it :)

Re: Machines Have Lucid Dreams
« Reply #3 on: 02 May 2021, 00:16 »
The word I thought when watching the video was "dreamlike", and then I saw the title afterwards and realized it fit pretty good.  :-D I'm curious about how the gameplay will turn out. Will this be mostly trial and error or be possible to figure out, I wonder. The description reminds me a bit of alchemy games, and I like those. Interesting concept!

Re: Machines Have Lucid Dreams
« Reply #4 on: 02 May 2021, 15:54 »
Yes! The whole thing kind of takes place in an in-between state using machine-like objects as stand-ins for people. Something to do with the effects of long isolation periods over this last year, and the sense of alienation this can create. It somehow felt appropriate to take this approach with the visuals/tone :)

Good questions about the gameplay - it's going be a mix of both :P so you spend a lot of time just moving matter around because you always get interesting results/memories. But sometimes you discover a combination that will lead one machine to suggest you go and show it to another machine. Each machine has their combos that are important to them, and when you put the right combo down in front of the right machine:
 - one: you could discover that this particular combo in this room is a 'portkey' leading to the discovery of a new machine (it will teleport you to a new room)
 - two: you could bring about the end of this particular machine's story/existence in this world
 - three: there could be other unforeseen consequences...

So in answer to your question, you can kind of figure it out - but you have to do it by learning the rule-system in-game. By listening closely to responses.
By learning what certain objects/combos mean to certain machines.

Haha, very much appreciate the comparison to Alchemy games.
Interestingly, the next game we are currently working on could be described as an alchemy game... Looking forward to announcing that one sometime in the future too.
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  • The Eternal
    • I can help with backgrounds
    • I can help with story design
    • I can help with translating
Re: Machines Have Lucid Dreams
« Reply #5 on: 02 May 2021, 17:17 »
This certainly looks interesting!

Re: Machines Have Lucid Dreams
« Reply #6 on: 15 May 2021, 15:47 »
As long as it makes physical sense, you can stack and balance as high as you like in MHLD.
And still get unique dialogues!

This is our forge-master, based on a planter we saw once on a London roadside...
who teaches you how to combine objects at the beginning of the game  8-)

P.S. thank you KyriakosCH!

Re: RELEASED TODAY! Machines Have Lucid Dreams
« Reply #7 on: 16 Jun 2022, 13:09 »
BREAKING NEWS: Machines Have Lucid Dreams has just been released this morning for free on itch.io (!!!)

Play it now! Follow the link to download: https://ivankashdan.itch.io/mhld