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Re: MODULE: Smooth Scrolling & Parallax v1.7.1
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so I don't know if this has been addressed, this is as close as I've seen, but:
when I'm moving and the screen is smooth-scrolling, if I click on a character and dialogue begins, the dialogue scrolls along with the room- not the gui, not anything else, JUST the drawn "character.SayAt(etc);" type dialogue.

Please tell which speech style you are using (and which version of AGS)? For instance, afaik Lucas Arts speech style locks to particular room position to be above character, so when the camera moves it will move along the room background.

But I don't remember if same happens with SayAt.
I also don't think this is supposed to happen with Sierra style speech. Only have vague memories hearing about some issue years ago.
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Re: MODULE: Smooth Scrolling & Parallax v1.7.1
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I've never used Sierra style speech, and frankly I don't know how to set it up (the Sierra template in AGS 2.5 seems to use LucasArts style speech and switching on SierraWithBackground doesn't seem to do anything...). So I haven't managed to test the dialogue and GUI going out of alignment with each other.

However, I'm not sure the module has control over this issue. SayAt uses screen, rather than room co-ordinates. But (as CW says) AGS pins the text to the background, so if the viewport scrolls the text moves along with it. Presumably because it would usually be attached to a speaker. As far as I know, a module can't make SayAt behave differently.