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I am looking for an artist to draw 1-2 scenes for a technical demo I was making, and which I hope to resume: https://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=58285.0

Original art was made by Blondbraid in 1280x720, but keeping graphic style 1:1 is not cruicial for this game, as it's a technical demonstration of some AGS features, and may have each scene done in separate styles and even resolutions.

At the moment, I have an idea of one scene that would look good if done in hi-res. Maybe there will be couple of more in the future, but I am not yet sure what they would be, as it mostly depends on whether I have a good idea to script.
So, this is more a per-scene work, not until game is complete.

Because since 3.5.0 AGS allows smaller rooms, and zoom-in rooms, art may be drawn in any resolution in theory. But I'd prefer something in the range of 640x400 to 1280x720.
For the scene in question, I'd need one relatively big background (about 2-3 game screens large), with either a natural or city-scape enviroment, couple of simple objects and also two characters with just enough animation to walk left/right and interact with an object behind them. In the worst case, these two may be "clones" of one.

If you are interested, please PM me and I explain further details (may draw a concept sketch too).
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If 3D models is okay, I can do that. 
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Ah sorry, I already found someone. This thread may be closed (not sure if I can do this myself?).

If 3D models is okay, I can do that. 

Thank you for your interest, I will consider this if I come up with a next scene idea :).