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  • just me in awful resolution
    • Nikolas worked on one or more games that won an AGS Award!
    • Nikolas worked on one or more games that was nominated for an AGS Award!

I am looking to create a game for handheld devices (eg. tablets and phones). The game is a listening app/training, where you listen to an audio file and then choose from 4 images (4 music scores). Or you have a timed response based on the audio file, when you have to tap in the correct time.

There's, practically 3-4 screens that I need created.

And I have a few questions on how to create the TONS of music examples that I need.

This is a paid job. $25 for each screen (so up to $100) using paypal, if that works for you.

Deadline: Soon.

PM me or email me at nikolas *AT* (or post here actually)

Thank you.

PS. Hello everybody!
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Hi Nicholas. What kind of screen graphics do you need to create? I am a professional motion designer and 2D and 3D artist. Maybe I can handle it. My mail: