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Author Topic: Naked Man in a Locked Room - A Mini-Adventure Game [NSFW]  (Read 579 times)

First game. Solo effort. Started working on this late 2020, but doubtful if I'll ever get it done.  I'm an artist (www.jamesmarstudio.com) with zero programming skills and found the software tedious.  But might as well post for posterity, and a working project is a working project.  Grew up playing Sierra and Lucasfilm Games.
Potentially a text parser EGA adventure game.

James Mar presents
Naked Man in a Locked Room - A Mini-Adventure Game

The Story:
You are a naked man in a locked room.

Some screenshots:

In-game (Rough development)


Development Progress:
Story: 20%
Scripting: 2%
Graphics: 30%
Sound/Music: 1%

Expected completion date: When it's done. or Never.

Development Diary late 2020
Idea/story conceived
Completed naked man walk cycle
Completed Rough background rooms

Ongoing Development Notes (potential spoilers)
I want to make it small, 5-6 rooms total. I want it to be humorous, nothing sexual. This room is a Sci fi future or psychological experiment, or kidnapping, who knows, it's an intentional mystery and I haven't written it out yet.  Except I have a logical end in mind.  For me, graphics animation is a pain, but the software development/scripting even more so.

Potential useless inventory that may never be used
Vial of Human Tears
Banana Peel
Rubber Chicken with pulley in the middle
Holy Grail
Magic Fruit
Elvis Sweat
Million Dollar Bill
Gold Brick
Proof of UFOs
Proof of the Existence of God
Cure for Cancer
The Meaning of Life
World Peace
United States Constitution
Immortality Elixir
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Re: Naked Man in a Locked Room - A Mini-Adventure Game
« Reply #1 on: 28 Jan 2021, 00:59 »
I want it to be humorous, nothing sexual.
Understandable, but there is still graphical depiction of (male) frontal nudity. Better add (NSFW) to the topic before other people complain.


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I high-key love this.  Useless inventory items are my favorite!

I also really appreciate this unfinished background art...it's a nice minimal look!

So much intrigue.  Where are his clothes?  Whose tears are in the vial? 

Even if this never gets finished I'm already thoroughly entertained!  (laugh)
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