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The strange case of Room 58
« on: 22 Feb 2021, 00:31 »
I have a strange issue with my game, worthy of a bad creepypasta.

A week ago, while debugging the game and sending the character to other rooms, the engine was showing a random error that couldn't find the room58.  There's no room 58! My game at that moment just had 36 rooms!
My desesperate way of solving it was delete the map room and put in the room58. The error no longer occurred. But now, if i put per example "player.Changeroom(36)", the player goes to the infamous room58.
The same occurs when i use the crt+x option to go to others rooms. The room58 appears if i choose any other room.

I have had problems before, but they could be solved by logic, looking at the manual or with the great help of this community. But this... Idon't know where the problem is  and I don't even understand what the problem could be!

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Re: The strange case of Room 58
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Are you absolutely certain there's no ChangeRoom(58) command anywhere in script?
Are there ChangeRoom commands that use some variable instead of exact number, and that variable may be 58?

If not, could you upload your compiled game somewhere so that engine devs could check this out?
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Re: The strange case of Room 58
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5 + 8 = 13. It's obvious that someone or something is warning you not to go ahead with this project.... *creepy music intensifies*


Re: The strange case of Room 58
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If you put a lump of coal in a cup with water somewhere in the room it will attract the bug spirits that make you code bugs. You can even reinforce that the spirits need to stay away from AGS if you use a blue cup.

Re: The strange case of Room 58
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Found the bug that was driving me crazy. I had a random "player.ChangeRoom(58)" in the room_leave function in one of the rooms. I feel sooo dumb for various reasons. One of them is that i don't remember code that  :tongue: But happy that it was a silly mistake. Crimson Wizard gave me the clue. So, thanks!

Laura and eri0o: Hahaha. I don't need a curse, I just need myself to boycott my own game! But hey, mi daughter has a little blue cup. I think it's a good idea to code with it near to the computer.  :wink:

Thank you, people and sorry with the silly problem.