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Author Topic: ARIZONA SCOTT & the Gems of Domination  (Read 857 times)

ARIZONA SCOTT & the Gems of Domination
« on: 06 Apr 2021, 07:46 »



It's shortly after the beginning of the second world war in Europe, and you are a North American antropology teacher who fought as a voluntary in England and joined the US Air Force afterwards anticipating a conflict against Japan.

After a curious landing in your carrier, two intelligence agents approach to you in order to recruit you in an important mission: the Axis forces want to recover 4 ancient gems that will grant them an inmense power in the battlefield. You can not say no to this.

This demo-game is about to be finished, only minor scripting issues need to be solved. All the art is done and we expect it to release it this week (second week of April 2021). ATM the game it's in Spanish only, but an English version will come shortly after (just days away...). Do you want to help translating it to some other languajes? Be my guest!

It features an early 90ies Lucas' clone wannabe style.

The game it's about a dozen rooms, but it basically is a demo. We want to use it as a intro to present the story. Two screens are playable, though. If the demo has a good reception, we expect to make a full 100 screens game with visits to Argel, Venice, Athens, Alexandria, Burkhan Khaldun, Xi'An...

Humour, LUCASARTS' Gui, Monkey Island and IJ sprite style... If MI1 and IJATLC were your games, you must try this! :D

We attempt to go on with the team that created "The adventures of the black hawk", but we are not closed to recruit new commited talents. If you think you can help in any way, PM me, we will see if there's something we can do together.

Run a successfull military career...

Show the world that adventure game characters can land planes...

More or less...

Visit interesting places...

Pack your stuff in SF before your adventure begins...

Wear an adventurish leather bomber jacket with style...

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Re: ARIZONA SCOTT & the Gems of Domination
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For those who don't know, Croquetasesina the core team of this project is a talented group who can actually pull off this kind of graphics, it's not just for show.
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Re: ARIZONA SCOTT & the Gems of Domination
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Hello Monsieur... Thanks for the kind words  :cheesy:, but... not exactly.

Croquetasesina (Killing croquette) is a "studio".

It is the name of an association in which a group of talented people produced: "The adventures of the Black Hawk".

As far as I know, the "glue" that made all these people work together is a guy from Málaga, Spain, called Víctor, but the number of people working for "Croqueta" reached to 16.

I am Nacho, formerly known as "Farlander" in this forums, and founder of "SpicyNachosGraphics".

So, to summarize:

I recently abandoned a project that took to me a lot of hopes and effort... I felt a bit lost and unmotivated. Fortunatelly, just before that happened, Víctor contacted me asking for help for "TAOTBH".

The collaboration for that didn't work, but when I became "projectless", I remembered Víctor and start working with him to do a Demo for a possible future game. It's been a pleasure to work with him, he showed me the correct path, calmed me down, and the working sessions have been so smooth that we finished the game in about a month. But at the moment, no graphic artist from "Croquetasesina" worked on this, it's been just Víctor coding (with a bit of assistance) and composing and Nacho doing graphics.

If the demo has success, we will present this project to the other 15 members of "Croqueta" to see if they want to join after "TAOTBH" are complete (They are really close to doing so).

So... as said, a bit of yes and a bit of no. If things go well, the whole or a significant part of "Croqueta" will join the project. Of course, if Croquetasesina has been here just tangentially and the result is appealing, imagine how good it can become if the whole team joins. I am really looking forward to it.

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Re: ARIZONA SCOTT & the Gems of Domination
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Looks and sounds promising!  :)

Re: ARIZONA SCOTT & the Gems of Domination
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I must correct a little :_) Although in The Black Hawk we are a great team, I have done some sketches of bkgs and even complete backgrounds! Just to be a little more specific ;)