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AGS Cameras Tech Demo
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AGS Cameras Tech Demo

This game is a technical demo meant to illustrate and, perhaps, teach usage of custom Viewports and Cameras, which were introduced in AGS starting from version 3.5.0. It is made in hopes to raise awareness of this new feature and it's potential practical uses.
"Technical demo" means that it's not a real game with a story, but rather a collection of scenes with very simple gameplay elements.
This game is released as open source, the game script is completely free to use; note that the game art is not free to use though.

Game DB entry:


The latest source is available here:
The project and code is under CC BY license (completely free), but art is under CC BY-NC-ND (non-commercial, personal use only).


* Coding: Crimson Wizard
* Art: Blondbraid, lorenzo, Alan v.Drake


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Thanks again Ivan Crimson  :grin: