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Commando Raid
« on: 12 Sep 2021, 00:33 »
Hello community,

after much delay, I'd like to present my game and tied winner of the  MAGS 2018/05 jam (Theme: “Rats”):

The Devious and Daring
Commando Raid
of Linkattus, The Lowly Janitor Rat,
In Order to Free
Ratzelda, the Princess of His Dreams,
And to Get Her, Too

(What? That whole string is the title of this adventure! 8-) )

It features:
  • a BASS like interface,
  • hand-drawn art in Inkscape,
  • original music, recorded from a Yamaha keyboard and edited in Audacity
  • the AGS system by Chris Jones and later contributors
  • lots of Adventuring and Frolicking :-)
  • Rats
  • and a Cat.
Oh, and bugs (probably :-[ ).

Get the game here

Have lots of fun!
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Re: Commando Raid
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As it happens, I've recently played through the entries in the Rats Mags, including this one. And it's a worthy winner.

Like many of Fernewelten's competition games, this one is divided into three parts/levels. The first one is a standard inventory puzzle-based room you need to escape from, with an extra dimension in how you can combine and dismantle some items. The second room is my favourite - it's really a giant maze. This is a room that spans many screens, with a lot of doors leading to a lot of platforms and areas. The player needs to map it to advance. I normally don't like maze puzzles, but I did like this one, probably because of the art and the elaborate setup. I pictured the rat scurrying through tunnels up and down inside the walls before appearing in another doorway.  :-D
The boss level features a welcome connection to an earlier game by the same creator.

Solid puzzles and witty banter is pretty much Fernewelten's trademark, and it applies here, as well.