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Author Topic: [Feature Request]Allow sprite folders to be moved into other folders.  (Read 354 times)


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    I'm normally one who sorts everything as General to Specific using folders if I can. And one annoying problem I ran into is the sprite folders.If I organize them incorrectly I cant move it to the right place. The ability to drag a sprite folder into another would be time saving.
Also being able to copy folders would help too.I know that being able to copy folders would cause a problem because of sprite numbers.I dont know how ags works but if it is possible could the copied sprites be changed to  numbers larger than the earlier number of most sprites? As in adding new sprites from the copies?


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I agree it would be nice to be able to re-arrange folders by drag-and-drop. (Currently it is so tedious to rearrange them that I have resorted to editing the game.agf file by hand.)

But why would you want to copy a sprite folder? There should never be any need to have two copies of the same sprites in a project: it just increases the file size.


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Mainly I said about copying because when I sort out folders the common form I use is starting with the general subject then I have all rooms folders underneath.Making new folders and renaming them is extremely tedious.Even though I only have 20 rooms I have at least 5 general subjects.Sorting this way is most definitely necessary for me.If I would copy it I would only copy an empty folder though.So copying the sprites inside might not be necessary but who knows what somebody might use it for.Of course I see your point in that any copied sprites would be useless to have since you could always use the original.Having the folder layout work more like windows explorer feels more natural to me.

By the way in versions 3.4 through 3.5.1 the "import sprite from clipboard" doesnt work.This might just be me but has anyone else had this problem.