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Skeevy Wonder:
Anyone looking for an accountability partner?  :-[

I've been working on and off on my game since October 2020 (MAGS 'Darkness' theme) and have about a third of it left to complete (doing the programming, story, and art). My partner is composing the music, but as is often the case with couples, when either of us has a project we want to finish, our affection and sympathy for each other tend to get in the way of our meeting deadlines. Plus his day-job is super intense (whereas I'm a former freelance copywriter/graphic designer with a very loose schedule). I'm looking to connect with and encourage anyone else in a similar predicament once a fortnight with tick-lists and such via whatever communication method you prefer (barring Facebook).

Random details that may be irrelevant or not: I'm using AGS, Procreate, and Photoshop, and my game will be free. And it is a passion project, so to speak.

Anyway, I'll leave this tab open on my computer. Feel free to DM me here or on Discord #6508 or Twitter @InvisProcess.

TL;DR: Who wants to meet up at regular intervals to keep each other/one another in check as far as getting their game done? Count me in!

All the best to you, everyone!  ;-D


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