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Who of you is playing wordle?

I started playing a few weeks ago, but I clear my browser cache often, so I don't track my results over time. I think it's a nice challange and I enjoy learning new words. I usually play in regular mode but try to keep to the hard mode rules. This allows for the occasional win on the second guess. Only when I can't think of any more words that could fit (or too many, like still, skill, spill, etc) I use a word to exclude as many characters as possible.
Do you have a standard starting word? How do you play?

Today I got the word on second try :-D

I read somewhere that TRACE or CRATE are very effective starting words.
What are hard mode rules?

I use STARE.

Hard mode means that once you have figured out a letter, you have to use it in the following guesses. Which means you can't use two completely different words to check the most common 10 letters in your first two guesses.

Oh, I do that anyway, I thought it was the best strategy to get answers in the minimum time.

I play but I play on my language.

I learned how to do that share thing it has in both Android and JS, I am almost trying to do that in AGS...  (roll)

The Brazilian version I play is named Termo:

Ah, I also found the page of one of the first ones in Basic in an old magazine scanned online.


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