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Bug in Games DB author name search


The author name search in the Games DB apparently has trouble with certain strings. If you go to Ossuarium and click the author names up top (Honza, Kasia "Hitohai" Wasylak), the only hit you will get is Off the Clock. (I'm not sure why that one and not any of the others Honza has worked on, not even Ossuarium itself.) I suspect the problem has to do with the author name field containing a comma and/or a set of quotes.

It also breaks when added as an {{Author}} field on the Wiki, but it might be that I just didn't figure out how to escape it correctly.

I'm guessing it's because different escaping methods are used in the DB than in the search string (HTML entities in places, slashes in others), so they aren't seen as a match.  This should be fixed in the new version, given it works completely differently (and has live search results with filtering and such modernities).  Can't help with MediaWiki though, that's 100% third party, no custom code on our part.


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