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Port of ags for nintendo wii.


Pajama Sam:
Well before I didn't think about asking this crazy question because it seemed unreasonable but I suppose it couldn't hurt to ask so anyways.Could a port of ags be made for nintendo wii?At this moment there are only two gui wii game studios called "Titan ide" and "Wii Game Studio".Wii game studio pretty much is too much out of date to work and titan ide is mainly for making platformers. They both use devkitpro. The libraries for developing a wii game are available at a couple websites but that is very challenging.So what do you say? Is it within reason or a stupid idea?

AGS works on ScummVM, and I think ScummVM has a Wii port... so yeah, I think it should be feasible.

Pajama Sam:
ok. I didn't realize AGS games work on scummvm.


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