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Fortnightly Writing Competition: Recycling

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I'm sure pretty much all of us were taught at some point in our lives that it's important to recycle. A piece of trash, if properly reused, might not be a burden on our ecosystem, but a resource that might be cleverly reused time and time again. The topic came up recently as I discussed how different the methods for recycling something as mundane as beverage containers is from country to country, and so I decided to cheekily recycle the observations of that conversation into a topic for our contest!

Write a story that somehow revolves around recycling something. That is, using something that has once been used for its original purpose, for some new purpose, either as-is or after some kind of refinement.

The deadline of this contest is Sunday 15th of May at 23:59 UTC.

Each person choosing to read and vote has three points to allocate, one for each of the following:
1 point for the best or most interesting or imaginative idea of recycling.
1 point for the best or most interesting setting / character.
1 point for the best technical writing, ie. grammar, readability etc.

Got an idea for this one. Thinking it through a bit more.

The Cue

Mum kicked Dad out when I was 7. For a while he came to visit on weekends, or take me out for the day - a local castle or a round of mini-golf by the sea - but after a while he stopped. He wrote letters but they eventually stopped too. I would later learn that Mum had slapped a restraining order on him and he was legally forbidden from contacting me.

Nobody asked me for my opinion.

On my 8th birthday, he broke the order to leave me a present - a snooker cue, signed by Jimmy White himself. Dad and I had enjoyed many an evening watching snooker on the BBC. And this was a time when Jimmy "The Whirlwind" White was at the top of his game. I don’t know how Dad got the man to sign the cue, but it immediately became my prized possession.

And it was my prized possession for all of about five minutes, because Mum swiftly threw it into the communal recycling bin across the street and called the police.

Nobody asked me for my opinion.

On my 9th birthday, I received a card, hand-posted, from Greg Thompson, a school friend. It featured a cartoon cat playing a piano, with black musical notes dotting the card.

Happy Birthday  Danny.
I hope your day is full of fun and the happiness doesn’t stop.

Greg Thompson

There were a number of strange things about this card. For a start, I had no school friends named Greg Thompson. So I studied the card in more detail.  On closer inspection, the words ‘full’ and ‘stop’ seemed to be subtly underlined and a very faint arrow was pointing between the words ‘birthday’ and ‘Danny’.

Then I realised if I squinted hard enough both of the ’n’s in ‘Danny’ had been written over a pair of musical notes. With a bit of imagination these quavers could be read as ‘d’s.

It wasn’t “Happy birthday Danny.” It was “Happy birthday. Daddy.”

I quickly put the card on the mantle piece with my other cards, so as not to draw undue attention to it.

Then something else fell out of the envelope. Without even looking at it I quickly pocketed the item and ran upstairs to my room to check it in private.

It was a curved piece of wood, fashioned into a key ring, and on it was Jimmy White’s autograph. It had been made from the very same snooker cue Mum had thrown out.

I looked out of the window to the communal recycling bin across the street, where Mum had thrown it away one whole year ago. There, I saw my dad. He didn’t wave or draw any attention to himself, lest he be spotted by a nosy neighbour. But once he had seen me and was happy that I’d seen him too, he nodded, smiled, turned around and walked away.

That was the closest I ever got to saying goodbye to him.

Not to say Stupot hasn't written us a fine tale, but come on folks! Don't let 'em take the win by default, at least put up a fight!
There's a couple more days, and what's best you have the whole weekend ahead of you to craft and fine-tune your tales, so chop chop!

Mine is written but gonna take another look at it tomorrow or over the weekend before posting. But, I'm in!


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