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Easymirrors help?

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I'm having trouble implementing easy mirrors, specifically in declaring a new mirror - I'm confused what the parameter 'center' is.

--- Code: Adventure Game Studio ---struct Mirrors2{   //tells the module that character "c" can be used as a mirror reflection.  //Call this function at least once (i.e. give the module at least one character)  //otherwise it can't work!  //You should call this function as many times as there are mirrors in the room  // that has the most mirrors.  //For example if there are two mirrors in a room, and if that is the room  //of your game that has the most mirrors, then call this function twice.  //(with two different characters!).  import static void AddMirrorChar(Character* c);     //Declares a new mirror in the current room. The player MUST be in that room when NewMirror is called!  // This must be done only ONCE in the entire game (in "first time enters room")  // The mirror starts disabled. It has to be enabled (using script) afterwards to be visible.  //  // 'mirror' is the object containing the sprite used as the mask.  // 'center' is a marker. The center of its sprite (width/2, height/2) should be where the player would stand (his feet coordinates) if he was glued to the mirror ;)  // 'symetry' is one of the symetries in the enum above  // 'x_offset' and 'y_offset' allow to shit the reflection by a constant number of pixels  // 'opacity' must be in 0.0, 1.0. Note: if the mirror's opcaity is 1.0 then it's fully opaque, therefore there's NO reflection!  // 'distance_attenuation' (recommended value '60.0'): if the player stands 0 pixels away from the mirror, his reflection will appear fully opaque. If he's standing 'distance_attenuation' pixels away from the mirror (or more), his reflection will be fully transparent  import static void NewMirror( Object* mask,  //set to null if no mask                                Object* center,                                 Region* reg,   //set to null if mirror always on                                Mirrors_Symmetries symmetry,                                  float opacity,                                  float distance_attenuation,                                  int x_offset=0,                                  int y_offset=0);   //Tells the module that this mirror should use an entirely  //different character altogether as the reflection, instead of computing   //the reflection.  //That character should use Views that have the same number of loops and frames  //as the player character.  import static void SetSubstituteCharacter(Object* mask,  Character* c);    //To modify the offset you've set in NewMirror  import static void SetOffset(Object* mask, int x_offset,  int y_offset);    //To modify the opacity you've set in NewMirror  import static void SetOpacity(Object* mask, float opacity);    //That doesn't delete the mirrors in memory (which is done automaticaly). It just disables them so that they're not rendered  import static void DisableAllMirrors();    //Enables all mirrors in THIS room if they've been previously declared with 'NewMirror'  import static void EnableAllMirrorsInRoom();    //Enables one mirror selectively  import static void EnableMirror (Object* mirror);
I'm confused what I should put for the center parameter.

This is the game:
Password: gummy

Github Repo:

My guess is that object is used to specify the coordinates used to position the mirror image. Draw a small cross hairs sprite (like 9x9 pixels or something like that) and put it on a new room object. Then move the object to the floor below the mirror.

Hmmm, I did that, and still nothing.

"Still nothing"?
As in, nothing mirrory happens in-game?
Did you activate the mirror?

--- Quote ---The mirror starts disabled. It has to be enabled (using script) afterwards to be visible.
--- End quote ---


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