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Re: Soko-ban (remake w/ level editor + level packs) [SOLVED]


Nowhere Girl:
I'm posting again because I have a question about the original Sokoban which no one has been able to effectively answer on Moby Games.
I tried to just copy my favourite extra levels into original Sokoban with the level editor. However... how to mark the starting place? The place where the player is standing at the start of the level? I copied the first of those "Extra" levels, but the player should be in the bottom right corner at the start. I get "thrown" into the middle of the map and can't solve the level from there. Can anything be done about it? It would be a little absurd if the creators of original Sokoban omitted such an important detail...
I don't like the Sokoban clones such as YASC - sophisticated graphics which are, anyway, quite ugly, and too large for my taste. Can I do something about the problem in original Sokoban or, if I can't, is there a Sokoban clone with simple pixel graphics? And without a gazillion of functions which I don't even understand...

EDIT: I have figured it out and I'll post it in case anyone else has this problem. After you place everything, move your "cursor" to an empty square without placing a storage place or box there. The editor will remember it as your starting point.


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