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Another Museum [MAGS]



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A little first person point n' click adventure made for MAGS May "Museums"

A Monstuano suddenly comes to the Non-Living Entities Redirection Office.

And that means... troubles. The eternal intern of the office will try to get some specific items
 to complete the ritual that will lead the Monstuano to his respective paradise.

What does all this have to do with a museum?
Well, where can you get a Roman Patera, an Inca Quero and a Chinese Ding?

And no. I don't understand the boss either.

Notice: I have detected, and fixed, some minor bugs (related how I managed the cursors) but I will not publishing it until MAGS May votation finishes.

This was an excellent MAGS entry that I recommend people try out. Great graphics, nice Eric Matyas music and different styles of puzzles makes this a very nice MAGS game. Congratulations on the release!


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