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Sphonx - Science Fiction meet Ancient Egypt

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Sphonx lets you discover scientifically advanced technology and antique artifacts on an archaeological expedition in an ancient Egyptian pyramid.
You are Ignacio "Iggy" Dias, a young and interested archaeologist in the near future.
He helps Dr. Allan Nowicz, an experienced scientist and archaeologist who was involved in the development of some of the most advanced technological breakthroughs in recent archaeology.
He is leading the current research on the dig site and he's also managing the bureaucratic side of the expedition in Egypt today.
Dr Nowicz is very proud to have a Death Erasing Multispectral Ultrawave Mummified Material Igniter Ray Device with him on this site.
It's purpose is to revive even partially conserved cells in old, very old and even ancient Egyptian tissue and give it back its previous human form.

Of course, such advanced technology needs careful use and planned application.
So Dr Nowicz wants to wait for Dr Sebranovic to arrive, the spiritual and logical father of the very advanced tissue reviving device.
Ignacio Dias, a studious but a bit clumsy apprentice working for Dr Nowicz instead wants to finally see results and start the live study of ancient life with support of the DEMUMMI-RAY rather yesterday than waiting even longer.
Tension between the two clashing opinions escalates and late at night Iggy sneaks into the excavation / laboratory deep inside the darkest parts of the age-old pyramid only to get involved in a centuries spanning adventure.

Playtime is still manageable in one to two lunch breaks...

x1 x2 x4 x8 x1 x2 x4 x8 x1 x2 x4 x8


Price: 3€
You can take a look at the demo for free and see if you like the game and
then buy it for the price of a burger or a good coffee and taste all the flavors of the game.

(AGS Database entry is coming soon, the game is out already!)


CaptainD, selmiak, Toxic Tuba

Toxic Tuba

Graphics & Animation
Toxic Tuba

Additional Character Animation

Voice Actors
Iggy - Durq
Professor Nowicz - Captain D
Stanley Worthington Smythe - Leigh Harvey
Narrator / Tutorial - Durinde

Edwin Montgomery

Toxic Tuba and from

Tween Module
Edmundo Ruiz & Tzach Shabtay

CassieBSG, WatchDaToast, Lorenzo, Hobo, Letch, durinde, CaptainD, Durq, Flo, Yannik

Big thanks to all the fine people in the credits, this game wouldn't be possible without you!
The voice actors did an amazing job, this adds so much more to the game, go check it out!
And thank to the testers that went through quite a few rounds of betatesting with me.

Great to see this released! All those years after we originally made the MAGS game together where the main connective theme was "pink socks"!  :-D


Still in development? What is missing?


--- Quote from: TheFrighter on 30 May 2022, 09:34 ---
Still in development? What is missing?

--- End quote ---
Ah... nothing. He just needs to update the Status on the Itch page for the game. I've made this mistake before myself!

Congratulations on the release! Had fun testing it!

I think it would make sense if the default "name your own price" sum would match the game actual price, right now it feels a bit confusing


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