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Re:Silent Hill : The Return To Silent Hill
« Reply #20 on: 09 Feb 2004, 18:15 »
Torn Souls isn't a bad name by any means. I quite like it.
I'd drop the "The Search" from the end though.
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Re:Silent Hill : The Return To Silent Hill
« Reply #21 on: 10 Feb 2004, 03:00 »
Yes Steve I will drop the end and have the title Torn Souls. I know it was a bit disappointing but I haven't really art skills and programming either. I will be working on this...

Adam100: the black screen is supposed to scare you but since I have no sounds on my computer I can't have screams. I made this test game on my friend's comp and they happen to live next to us but, the little button on the disk drive doesn't work so I couldn't upload sounds.

SlamGrinder: No, lol. It is very simple. I was using the tv plug part to test the flashlight thing for AGS. After like 2 days the damn thing still wouldn't work. You interact with the couch and you will get the swiss army knife. Use it on the door and you will win. Not too exciting. I also tried seeing if I could make a gun and be able to equip it and shoot a test monster. It did not go well at all. I am gonna practice the script. Well I g2g so PeaCe out!

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Re:Silent Hill : The Return To Silent Hill
« Reply #22 on: 15 Feb 2004, 22:20 »
After finally getting to download the test game you released, I'd like to ask you a few things...

First of all, if you don't mind me asking, why do you want to make a Silent Hill fangame? Is it because you love the franchise, or just because Silent Hill it's a cool game setting?

Moving on, I wanna say a few things about your game, based on what I've seen so far and also based on some assumptions of mine, which of course may be mistaken. I realize that your demo is a very early effort, but I found it underwhelming nonetheless. Please understand that I am not being critical for the sake of it here, I am just voicing my opinion on something that seems to be a promising project. My major gripe with it is the fact that it doesn't really feel like Silent Hill. There are so many aspects that make the Silent Hill games unique, even when compared to other “Survival Horror” games, such as the use of symbolism and archetypes in order to make the game a more intense experience. Moreover, there's the fog. Not that it can't be implemented in AGS, but will it have the same impact on the game's atmosphere in a 2D game, as it does in the 3D ones? Not only that, but hand-drawn graphics will probably not be as scary as smoothly-animated polygon models . Hmm, “smoothly” is not the correct word to use when describing the monsters' animation, but I can't think of anything else right now. :P

Getting back to my original question, I have to say this. Your game might end up (and I certainly hope so) being great, but you might run into a very big problem: It won't feel like a Silent Hill game. There are many things that make a Silent Hill game what it is, and that's more than cheap scares or gruesome monsters. I don't know how big a Silent Hill fan you are, for all I know you may have a really deep understanding of the games, so this rant may be completely stupid. But before I stop this rant, I'd like to say one last thing. Since you are inexperienced in game-making, perhaps it would be better if you did not try to make your game a Silent Hill game, that way you'll have more artistic freedom and you won't have to conform to the norms of the franchise.

I sincerely do not want to discourage you in any way, this is just my opinion and you may choose to ignore it if you wish.
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Re:Silent Hill : The Return To Silent Hill
« Reply #23 on: 16 Feb 2004, 03:56 »
Hey Lazy Z, I respect your idea. I think I am going to use it too. I a very unexpierienced with scripting and art. I have the AGS plug-in that makes snow, rain and fog, well at leastI thinit make fog. I tried using it but once again my mind sucks. I think I am going to steer off the whole Silent Hill genre. I am thinking of more like running and solving puzzles. So far, this project has had some supply & demand. I can't really decide if I should continue with this, since the scripting is pretty heavy. Well I g2g right now cause I am about to play Warcraft II.