Author Topic: adding invetnory from dialog  (Read 930 times)

Matt Brown

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adding invetnory from dialog
« on: 16 Aug 2003, 01:22 »
is this possible? is there a dialog script command I can use so when I player uses a certain topic, an inventory item is given?

if so, what is it, and where do I add it in the script?

thanks guys
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Re:adding invetnory from dialog
« Reply #1 on: 16 Aug 2003, 02:46 »
I believe the newest version of AGS has a dialogue function Add-inv X that will handle that for you.  For example:

man: Here, have a cookie!
Add-inv 3 //Item number of the cookie

Edit:  Brain fart.  Add-inv was always there.  Lose-inv is the new addition. :P  So, yeah, the code above should work.

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Re:adding invetnory from dialog
« Reply #2 on: 17 Aug 2003, 01:15 »
It's in the manual.

Manual, manual, manual.
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