Author Topic: personal avantare pic how do you do it??????HELP  (Read 1019 times)


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please tell me how you put a personal avantare pic udert your name.

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Re:personal avantare pic how do you do it??????HELP
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Quoted from: The AGS Beginner's FAQ

"I want to have a neat little picture underneath my name in my posts on the AGS forums like everyone else! How do I do that?"

Those are called avatars. First, you need to find yourself some web space. You can find it for free anywhere from Tripod and GeoCities, to Web-1000 and Host.SK. Free web space service providers are everywhere! Next, upload your desired image. Make sure it isn't too big. A size of 60x60 is reasonable enough, maybe even smaller, like 40x40. I'm not sure if Chris will limit you or not on this. Then, go to your profile (you must be registered!) and type in the URL (address) of your image on the web. For example, if you signed up with GeoCities, it would look something like


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Re:personal avantare pic how do you do it??????HELP
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Indeed. Now, no more off-topics! :)
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