[TEMPLATE] ActionWheel - a mash-up of VerbCoin and SCI1.1!

Started by deadsuperhero, Sun 28/02/2021 08:09:05

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Hi friends,

I've been doing a lot of custom interface development in AGS for upcoming game projects. It's a lot of fun! To save me some time, I decided to take some stuff that I feel good about, and turn it into a template that I can easily use. I wanted to share it with the AGS community as an Open Source (MIT Licensed) contribution.

What is this?
TL;DR - I made an interface that looks like Sierra and LucasArts had a lovechild in the mid-90's. It's designed to save screen real estate, reduce the amount of travel a user has to do with the mouse cursor, and provide some visually neat integration between separate visual components. I've had a lot of ideas about how this could work, and I'm pretty happy with the results!

Included is the bog-standard demo game we all know and love. Here's some demonstrations:

Picking up an item...

A UI that follows where the player right-clicks

Context labels that change interaction descriptions, based on what the thing is!

Typical Disclaimer
My code's a little bit messy, and I'm still kind of a noob when it comes to AGS. There's probably a bunch of stuff I've done ass-backwards, dirty hacks abound, that could probably be done in a more sophisticated and eloquent way. A lot of the design work is based purely on loose assumptions, there might be stuff like this that already exists that's better, I may have jumped the shark by even starting this thing. That said, I hope to regularly make updates to it, and make ActionWheel better. I
really just made this because I figured it'd make my life easier with spinning up game projects, and I figure other people might like it, too.
The fediverse needs great indie game developers! Find me there!

Crimson Wizard

Don't know about usability (needs practical testing), but this looks beautiful :).

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