Trying out Godot 4.1.1 and Popochiu

Started by Monsieur OUXX, Sun 10/09/2023 17:21:45

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Monsieur OUXX

Godot drives me insane.

I can see that it has all the capabilities to achieve amazing things.
The issue is... No one has the knowledge.

Allow me to rephrase that : There are a TON of people who have Godot knowledge. The issue is... Unless you know someone who's willing to be fully involved in your project then it seems impossible to receive consistent and proper help with Godot.

There used to be some sort of Godot forum, similar to the AGS one, which has now shut down (every time you click on a google result you get a 404). Not a good move, I would say!

Then there's Discord. Have you ever visited the Godot Discord? Let me tell you, it's nothing like AGS. There's a gazillion posts per minute. And since it's a continuous flow of chat messages, there's zero consistency. Messages about several topics are mixed together, and you never know what will be the quality of answers. It's like a Russian roulette. The people helping have either no time to try to understand what you're doing, or give crude answers without explaining why the solution is the solution. When the answer is not plain wrong!

I remembered fondly my early days in the AGS forums, when there were people like Ashen, monkey0506, Khris etc. who knew what the hell they were talking about. The information was clear, correct, and there was room for follow-up questions.

Yesterday I tried asking ChatGPT about Godot. The quality of the answer was amazing.... I had a brief moment of euphoria, thinking I had finally found my solution... Until I realized it was ChatGPT3 and its knowledge stops in 2021. It was giving answers incompatible with Godot 4.1.1 (deprecated classes)! And of course, the Godot help page doesn't clearly state that the lass is deprecated (well, it does, but... at the end of the page!)

I'm literally banging my head against the walls. AGS is awesome. Godot is even more awesome (because it's a heavyweight) but all that awesomeness goes to shit instantly, every time.

I was tempted by an upgrade from AGS to Godot. But now I'm seriously considering reverting my experimentations and throwing away those last 2 years of experiments with Godot.

Monsieur OUXX

We have a whole series of videos for trying to master Godot specifically for point n click games.
Believe it or not, this is still all experimental and we're still not sure if we want to abandon AGS.
Something as simple as playing an animation in a specific way took we 2 days to understand, with systematically false tips from the Godot Discord.



What I also see as a problem in the long-run, is too much reliance on third party frameworks, at least for a serious project. Showing potential is one thing, how confident you can be about its longevity is another.


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