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Started by Dave Gilbert, Wed 10/06/2009 11:31:51

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Dave Gilbert

I was rooting through my brother-in-law's PC Gamer magazines and found this article on RoN in the February, 2009 edition.  I hadn't seen any mention of it here or on the site, so I thought I'd share.

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Renegade Implementor

First off, nice to see that we got some real-life "touch it, it's in a mag" published exposure.  I'll be adding these to the site within a couple of days.  So, yoink.

Anyone happen to know which games they included on their disk?  If it's all from the 2001-2003, there might have been some what wouldn't run on today's machines.


Bloody hell, now THAT's exposure! Nice find Dave.

Unfortunatly the quicklink refers to the old Underdogs site, so we might have lost a few people using it to find us. Still a spiffy writeup though. LJ'd it for great justice.
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Wow, that's pretty cool. They even made a map. Two out of Five of the best of the games Dave. This is the real reason you shared this isn't it? :P
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Actually, everything in the article can be found on the RoN site, either in the resource packs or one on the pages.  The map is the one done by Relight in 2003 with the 3D buildings replaced with solid shapes.

Given the amount of articles & reviews are of games that've been done by Dave, I have to wonder: how much black-mail material does he have on people? :D


Reading this article made me very happy indeed! I can't believe my game made their top 5 - I'm already happy if I see someone mentioning it seven years after making it. This little ego-boost got me out of 'lurking mode' here!

The screenshots are rather shamelessly ripped from the RON-site. At least the descriptions of the games and the characters weren't copied and pasted. It's a pretty nice read!

Would have liked to see something out of Creed's games in their spotlights, like Mary the Fox in the selection of characters.


Hahaha, I can't believe they posted my crazy airplane graveyard from Blastoff!

I'm posting this on my website! :-D

PS - Tomorrow (June 16) will be the 8th anniversary of the Blast Off!'s release!
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