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[[Category:AGS Award winners]]
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A screenshot of 5 Days a Stranger.

5 Days a Stranger is a freeware amateur adventure game created by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw.. It chronicles the story of a gentleman thief known as Trilby and four others fighting an unknown terror in DeFoe Manor. The story progresses over 5 days, with more story being revealed each day. Dream sequences typically space out the transitions between the events of different days, and the game follows a system similar to that of the Gabriel Knight adventure game series, with a large number of verbs possible for interacting with objects, and a certain number of events which must be completed at a given point to progress to the next phase of the game.

The game was created in 2003 with the AGS engine, and won awards for best game created with the AGS engine in 2003, best gameplay, best dialogue scripting, best puzzles, and best scripting.

7 Days a Skeptic is the sequel to 5 Days a Stranger, and Trilby's Notes is an interquel between the two, although they work equally well played in their order of release, 5 Days, 7 Days, then Trilby's notes.

There is a special edition for $5 available.

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