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===The man. The myth. The mystery.===
===The man. The myth. The mystery.===

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AGS forums profile

The man. The myth. The mystery.

"Terran" Richard Brum has been missing for many months. Some say he's in Timbuktu, meditating. Others say he's working part-time as a male prostitue on the streets of downtown Westport, Massachusetts. And still others say he's just plain lazy and hasn't bothered to do anything game-wise in a long ass time.

Where Is He?

Rumors abound as to where TerranRich is, but one thing is plainly clear: he will return. TerranRich is currently, secretly planning out a new game. What it is called or when it will come out will never be revealed. But one thing is certain: TerranRich is back.

What's He Doin'?

What has he been doing all this time? He was working on another hobby of his: game board design. He created a WWE-Monopoly game board (WWE-opoly) and even printed it out (and mounted and laminated it). He even made custom "Chance" and "Community Chest" cards ("Backstage" and "Main Event" cards, respectively) and new title deeds ("Superstar Contracts").

But that's neither here nor there.

What Has He Done?

TerranRich is also the author of the temporarily-abandoned By the Sword: Conspiracy adventure game and was once one of the moderators of the AGS Beginners Forum. He has been reported as saying that he will return to working on By the Sword. For now, however, there is a playable demo of Chapter 1 available for download HERE. For more information on By the Sword, visit the By the Sword AGS Wiki page.