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AGS forums profile

Velislav "Vel" Ivanov is a well-known member of the AGS Community, having achieved notoriety for his pimping of his game Who Wants To Live Forever in the run up to the AGS Awards for 2003. He also had a war of words with foz, who created the game Apocalypse Vel.

After the n00b years

In recent years, Vel has seen the error of his earlier ways and gained more respect for his work in the Team Competition and on the AGS Ezine. He was a Team leader in an AGS Team competition, and a game actually resulted, quite a feat, called The Hamlet. Vel has released a few musical efforts, first, Petteri and Vel released an album entitled The Genuine Confessions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. After that, by Christmas 2006, he surprised people with a more progressive album, Under Dark Skies, which is based on writings of a late Bulgarian poet.

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