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The excessive advertising of a game way beyond that appropriate for its artisitic merit. The most notorious examples of this are MillsJROSS with Ace Quest, alkis with Other Worlds and Vel with Who Wants To Live Forever.

Compare and contrast with the much less desperate and less attention-seeking For your consideration... threads

Defintion Two/True

The excessive advertising of a game. Merit has nothing to do with Pimping. Although pimping is more noticed when a game doesn't reach expectations. However, as artistic merit is relative to each person, it has nothing to do with the act of Pimping, nor arguably the games mentioned above, as each game had its fans.

"It's hard being a Pimp, but sometimes you have to treat your game like a ho. I've played far too many good games that never reached the notoriety they deserved, and Pimping could have helped them out." -MillsJROSS