6 Day Assassin walkthrough

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This page is a Walkthrough for the game 6 Day Assassin by Eric "MrColossal" Feurstein.

  • Touch the top board of the left window eight times to take it.
  • Use this plank + nail on the right window shade.
  • Open the 'guitar' case twice.
  • Load your gun.
  • Try to open the toolbox.
  • Search the corpse's hair.
  • Use the hairpin on the toolbox then open it.
  • Use the hammer on the boards of the left window.
  • Use your gun on the window.
  • Exit the sniper view.
  • Look at the left wall.
  • Use the hammer on the wall and reach through to get a camera.
  • Use the camera on the window.
  • Look at the picture and shoot where the flash is.

(Author: AGA)