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Another AGS-related ezine from M0ds, found at [1]. Seems to be a while since it was updated, but at least the website is still up with some interesting articles.

AGDzine is noted for its exclusive interviews with developer Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island), artist Steve Stamatadis (Flight of the Amazon Queen), designer David Gray (Hugo's House of Horrors) and Chris Jones (AGS).

The AGDzine began as a downloadable folder of HTML files, presented in a magazine format. Regular writers in the AGDzine's early days (circa 2002) included Yahtzee & Mr Colossal. Other regular contributers included Rodekill, Phil Reed & Mark Lovegrove.

The AGDzine caused a stir when Yahtzee departed the AGS community by accidentally labelling him a "prick".

The AGDzine returned briefly as a website but again this did not succeed. Eventually, some of the articles were restored to the website available today. Common articles in the zine included game reviews, sneak previews, rants, tutorials & comics.