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This page gives an overview over ports of the AGS engine that make it possible to play AGS games on other platforms than Windows. There are several efforts in the making. If you want to help improving the engine by porting to another platform, refactoring, etc., please investigate first if joining one of the existing efforts makes sense before starting another port. Check the Engine Development forums for novelties.

AGS Development Version

The development version of AGS is more portable, backwards compatible and the code is being cleaned up. The engine works on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS.

The old PSP port no longer build in the current version, but you may wish to explore it's source code.

AGS is currently in the process of migrating from it's Allegro 4 backend to a SDL based backend (3.6.0 version onwards), which hopefully will make porting the engine easier.

Scumm VM

AGS 2.5 up to latest AGS 3 games should run fine in Scumm VM since it's port has been completed!

Until it makes a release, you may need to grab a Scumm VM development build.

Commercial Ports

Porting AGS to run on Consoles may require getting your hands dirt with source code. Specifically, due to the closed nature and NDAs around consoles, it's hard to port to them in an open source way.


Ratalaika maintains Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS4 ports, and can possibly port to more systems if requested.

Web Port

Due to the SDL port merging with AGS 3.6.0, there's a web port being maintained, benefiting from the SDL backend. If you need information about it, please ask in the forum!

Old ports

These ports no longer works or aren't in development anymore, but they are kept here for historical reasons.

sonnevelds SDL port of AGS 3.2.1 for Mac OS X

This engine was changed to use the SDL library instead of Allegro. It supports games created with AGS 3.2.


More information:

fuzzies ScummVM port

fuzzie works on a clean reimplementation of AGS in ScummVM that will be eventually portable to many platforms. It is not usable yet.


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