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The Adventure Game Studio forums are there for all users of AGS to discuss the program, and also for more general community chat. However, as a new user there are some guidelines that you should note:

  • There are a few different boards - please make sure to post your question in the right one.
  • Please try to make your thread topic as specific as possible, do not use "Help!" or "Question for Chris", for example.
  • Look up your problem in the manual, FAQ and Knowledge Base before posting.
  • When posting your question, try to go into as much detail as possible about what you are trying to do and what you have already tried. If you are getting an error message, post the ENTIRE message with what you were doing at the time.
  • Do not use l33tsp34k - we do not think you're cool, and you'll most likely be mocked rather than helped.
  • Finally, these guidelines are here to cut down the volume of posts but don't feel put off - newbies are always welcome and we hope you enjoy it in the AGS community!

Forum Administrators

The AGS forums are administrated by both global and section-specific moderators.

Forum Sections

  • Beginners Technical Questions - help with using the AGS Editor, and very basic scripting questions.
  • Technical Forum - scripting help, bug reports, and announcements about latest technical issues.
  • Modules and Plugins - save yourself some work, use a module someone made earlier!
  • Completed Game Announcements - post your finished game here.
  • AGS Games In Production - promote the game you're developing, and see what others are up to.
  • Hints and Tips - stuck in Larry Vales? Fed up with Pleurghburg? Dying in King's Quest? Post here for help.
  • Adventure-related talk and chat - if it's AGS or adventure-related, and it's not technical, it goes here.
  • Popular Threads - best adventure game? Favourite quote? Don't ask it again, look here.
  • Critics Lounge - get suggestions on how you can improve your art, music, and more.
  • Competitions and Activities - practice your art, music, writing and game making skills in the forum competitions.
  • General Discussion - serious and silly threads are fine, stupid threads are not :p
  • Reality on the Norm - RotN is back! Discuss the games, and make your own game to add to the series.

See also

  • G.A.C. - Greek forum (defunct)
  • Ezboard
  • Communities for an overview on all online AGS Communities (other language forums, etc.)