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Over the years AGS has managed to gather a large following. People have gathered in many different places online and in person. This page collects all places where people have set up communities to discuss and work on AGS.

Online Forums

Next to the official AGS Forums, numerous other places have been created:

Other Online Places

  • The AGS Facebook page shows user submitted community updates and discussion.
  • The AGS Discord server allows users to chat in real time, using a variety of desktop and mobile devices.
  • For more old-skool users, the #AGS IRC channel has been running for over ten years, and is used regularly by many members of the community. There is also the #AGS Quotefile, where notable quotes from the channel are submitted by members.
  • The unofficial AGS Reddit page created by users to have further discussions and ask questions regarding AGS.

In-Person Meetings

There have been a number of regular community meet-ups such as Mittens and Brittens, as well as a number of other random one offs.

If you would like to show your appreciation for the expense and hard work that goes into maintaining the AGS website and forums, please visit the donations page. Please note that all donations go towards hosting costs, and any additional income would go towards funding community events such as Mittens.