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This is the 2007 release template ("open source pack") of Asporia: Hidden Threat, an AGS (Adventure Game Studio) game released in 2004. by Ahmet "Gord10" Kamil Keleş.

The purpose of releasing this open source pack is to create a helpful resource showing how to create a basic RPG using Adventure Game Studio.

Extract the "asporiahiddenth.agt" file to the same folder as AGS (the folder where agsedit.exe is located).

Start/restart AGS, choose "Start a new game" and then select the "asporiahiddenth" template to use this source pack. I recommend you to use the 320*240 resolution if you would want to attempt to run the game first (and don't forget to set the game resolution to 640*480 in the File/Setup Game, in order to avoid the unreadable texts in the compiled game).

Asporia: Hidden Threat was scripted using an old version of AGS, so it doesn't use the new object-based scripting that AGS presents in its recent versions. However, the new version of AGS is still able to run these old commands if you remove the tick on the "Enforce object-based scripting" on the General Settings of the game (the tick is defaultly off in this source game, though).

But still, you need to get a new version of AGS to run this open source, as I had to adjust it to be compatible with the new version. (AGS v2.72 was used to create the template; an older version is not recommended to run this source pack.)