Bert the Newsreader walkthrough

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Enter the north door.

Take the red card off the cabinet top. Search the right cabinet. Use the bullet in your gun to load it. Go south, then leave the house to the west/

Use the phone. Go west.

Try to use your red card in the door. Use the red phone card in the slot. Enter door number two.

Chat to the two guys. Take a paper cup. Go home.

Take the coffee pot then fill the paper cup. Return the coffee, then go back to room number two at the studios.

Give J Litterman the coffee. Leave and re-enter the room.

Search the chair to find a card. Leave the room and go east. Enter studio number 3.

Talk to Roger and the two 'crew members.'

Leave the room and go west twice. Enter the right door.

Take the stick. Knock the paint can over with the stick. Use the paper cup on the spilled paint. Leave the room and go back to the Roger/Star Trek room.

Give Roger the blue cup. Leave the room and go west twice.

Use the panel next to the left door.

Use your gun to shoot the boss.

(Bert don't hit anyway)