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Bestowers of Eternity - Walkthru

Written by Primus

You're Rosangela Blackwell, a writer which aunt has just dead after many years (since you were five years old) at a psychiatric hospital; she was your own living relative, as you didn't know your grandparents, and your parents were dead at an accident when you were less than 5 years old. You'll discover your aunt (as your grandmother) have had psychiatric problems, caused by fire and a certain Joey. Play the game to discover everything about their psychiatric problems, which may also affect you: according to the doctor, it can be hereditary dementia affecting only your family's women. By the way, if you watched the intro scene, you started knowing a little part of the story.

Day One - After watching starting scene (if you watched it), you start outside your address; a kid doesn't get you enter, as he seems do not know you; - talk to kid about everything; - go to park; - talk to hotdog seller about everything, and to discover where the Indial lady is; - you'll find you've psychic powers when you pass in front of the closed carousel; - go east and try to talk to Indian lady; - since you can't, go to inventory and read the letter; - do what the letter says: go to hospital and talk about everything with the doctor; - go back to the park; now you'll be able to talk to the lady and can enter your apartment; - on the way back where you live, you are affected by the carousel again;

Day Two - You start by getting your notebook; - read your notebook; - the best way to start is goig to the Library; so, do that; - at the entrance, the inept kid forgot to give you a package from the Belevue Hospital; so, return home to read it, as it will add a valuable item to your notebook; - now, go to the Library; - at the library, look every item on your notebook and use each with the computer; you'll get a book, Encyclopedia of the Ocult; - now go to your appointment with the doctor; he will hypnose you; but nothing useful came from that appointment; so go back again for a new hypnosis session; - before talking to the doctor again, SAVE and set the alarm of your watch to awake you up; - when the doctor is called for an emergency, quick use "Lauren Blackwell" on doctor's files to get a few more info: "two for heaven" will be added to your notebook; - use "two for heaven" with the red book to learn an useful "recipe" you'll use later on the game; - now go to the Library to know more about the ingredients of the recipe; - use recipe in your notebook with computer; - go to park; - get a dog whistle (it's in front of the left part of the carousel); - go to the right and watch scene for a while; - you try to use the whistle but, as it is filthy, you can't; - go home and use whistle on your kitchenette to clean it; - before leaving, knock on Indian Lady's apartment and accept her invitation for the tea; - ask for lemon with your tea, to get a piece of lemon; - talk to her about everything, to learn a few more info about the carousel; - go to your home again and use "recipe" on your notebook with kitchenette; - add lemon to the recipe bowl; - go back to park where artist is; now you can use whistle, to distract the painter; - go near flowers and use recipe with flowers to get the right one; - add flower to the bowl; - go home (again, in front of the carousel, you feel something bad); - at home, use bowl with your photo; - watch scene.

To Be Continued

(Well, hope you' enjoy playing this game. You may use and distribute this walkthru freely, please just don't delete my nick, ok? :-)