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Please note that the discussion about this topic is constantly updated on the AGS forums : Building a game for multiple platforms (forums discussion)]


AGS 3.4.0 (or higher) is more and more comaptible to compile the game you are working on for operating systems other than Windows. Not only Mac and Linux, but also Android, PSP, etc. This article explains how to use the settings in the AGS Editor (which is sadly running on windows only) to build your game properly for another system. Please note that this is a general article, explaining mainly how to manage the files that get produced. If you look for more info regarding a specific OS, then please visit the AGS forums.

Change the settings

  • In the Editor, go to General Settings
  • Use Compiler -> Build target platforms
  • Click on the "drop down" button on the right, and check/uncheck the items you want.

I don't see the system I want in the list?

  • The contents of this list depend on what Editor components are installed. The Editor has the Windows component by default, but you may also install the Linux component to create a Linux version of your game. Read more about this in the forums.
  • "DataFile" option cannot be unchecked. It builds main game data file, which is used when making game for other systems.

Other available build targets may be selected in any combination.

OK but how to I debug my game on these systems?

This selection only affects the "full build" (Build -> Build EXE, or Build -> Rebuild all files). When running in test mode, only the Windows version gets built.

What files get produced?

The "Compiled" folder has changed. Now each build target has its own subdirectory: "Windows", "Linux", etc. To distribute your game - pack/copy contents of corresponding folder(s).

Example of "Compiled" folder contents:

Example of "Compiled/Windows" folder contents

How do I distribute my additional, custom files?

  • Any extra files put into Compiled folder will be copied to every build subfolder, when the game is compiled. This way you may distribute any additional files your game needs.
  • You may also use the contents of "Compiled" folder itself (without subdirectories) to distribute game data files alone, without game executable. Then you may use a stand-alone AGS engine on any system to run this game data.

Problem: I change my game settings but it affects only Windows

When you run setup program from the Editor (Build -> Run game setup...), you will be modifying the Windows configuration only. The same configuration will be used when you are test-running your game from the Editor (Build -> Run). For other build configs (Linux, etc) you will have to modify the "acsetup.cfg" file yourself (use plain text editor for that). Tip: You can change the Windows settings normally, and then study the contents of acsetup.cfg to know precisely what you want to change by hand.


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