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Whilst AGS is an incredibly user-friendly program and it's very simple to put together a straightforward point-and-click adventure game, at some point, you might need a little help along the way. This could be solved by asking a question in the forums, but sometimes, working your way through some tutorials can be a real help to feel a bit more comfortable with the editor.

Tutorials hosted on this Wiki

  • Beginner Tutorials: These are designed for people new to AGS. It takes you through some of the basic functionality of AGS and gets you firmly started with developing your own indie adventure games.
  • Intermediate Tutorials: Once you're a bit more comfortable with AGS and want to get a bit more technical with things - these tutorials are for you!
  • Advanced Tutorials: The scary stuff. No, not really, but the more advanced / complex features live here. So when you want to try some more technically tricky things with your game, have a look here!

External Tutorials

It's difficult to always keep an eye on all external tutorials, but when we find anything useful, we'll include a link below. Keep in mind these are not official, might be outdated or just disappear one day. We'll do our best to keep this page updated so that doesn't happen.

  • Densming Video Tutorials (YouTube) - Whilst these videos were created in 2008, much of this still applies today when you're beginning with AGS.


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