Conspiracy of Songo

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Conspiracy of Songo is a medium-length detective adventure game made in 2003 by Lior and Tslil Tamim in LongLife Software.


In new year's eve, Jerry Hadson and Shila Rider, an american interracial couple, were spending their holiday in the ocean and looking at the sunset. Suddenly they were attacked by a shark, and then escaped and shipwrecked on a myserious island.

Shila springed her ankle and Jerry went to seek help. On his way he found a town called Villmont, but surprised by two detectives who arrested him immediately for stealing a statue of Songo, a god revered by the islanders.

By the morning Shila's ankle got better but still hurts, she went to look for Jerry, and when she finds out about his story she investigates the island to prove his innocence.


The has been rated as safe in general, though it had occasional profanities


The game was Reviewed by DeathDude in Reloaded and was rated 4/5 Conspiracy of Songo @Reloaded


The game was nomitated to three categories in AGS Awards 2003 but didn't win:

  • Best Gameplay
  • Best Puzzles
  • Best Story