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This article is an entry in the AGS Manual.
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This Adventure Game Studio documentation is out of date!

This page was last modified 21 June 2009

You can find a more up to date version in the on page AGS manual.

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This page was last modified
21 June 2009, and could be and very probably is out of date with the current AGS version. Just let this /wiki manual be and edit the source of the current manual directly on the AGS github repository. At the time of writing this (2018-03-18), the main source file is the ags.tex file (a LaTeX file with VERY LONG LOADING TIMES), but even this might (and hopefully will) change in the future.

  Welcome to Adventure Game Studio! This new wiki version of the manual should help you get even more out of AGS. Enjoy!

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The run-time engine


Other Features



Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrading to AGS 3.0

Upgrading to AGS 3.1

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