Dance Til' You Drop!

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Dance Til' You Drop!
AuthorShane Stevens
Designed byShane Stevens
Programmed byShane Stevens
Music byVarious
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Dance Til' You Drop! is the first AGS game released by ProgZmax.

The Story

The year is 1984 and you are Richard Simmons, a dance instructor determined to make Jazzercise a success. Trouble mounts when Richard's agent tells him that he's broke and unable to build an amusement park for underprivileged children, and to make matters worse, a newspaper has sent someone to observe Jazzercise and write an article about it. Richard must deal with unpleasant members and hidden dangers while keeping a cheery disposition!


  1. A ratings system where you can treat each of the 5 members of your dance class mean or nice (and affect the ending in multiple ways).
  2. Easter eggs that not only unlock bonus music tracks but an extra ending!
  3. EGA graphics to fit with the era of the game.
  4. Branching plot line based on the player's choices during the game.


Dance Til' You Drop was designed to play like an 80's adventure game, and as such it uses EGA graphics. Since it was originally created for the AGS One Room One Week Competition it is also confined to one room, but that doesn't mean the game is short.