FOREGOs 2004

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The 2004 awards were organized by Dart and Al_Ninio and the winners were:

2004 FOREGO award trophy
Beginners Tech Forum 
Most Helpful Person - strazer
Tech Forum 
Most Helpful Person - Pumaman and strazer
AGS Games in Production Forum 
Best Constructive Criticiser - Darth Mandarb
Hints and Tips Forum 
Most Helpful Hinter - Joyce
Competitions and Activities Forum 
Best Overall Contributor - Inkoddi
Critics Lounge 
Most Helpful Artist - Loominous
Most Helpful Musician - Geoffkhan and m0ds
Best Debater - DGMacphee
Best Overall Contribution - Pumaman
Funniest AGSer - DGMacphee
Best Troll/Worst N00b - Poop743
Best Newbie - strazer
Best #AGSer - Al_Ninio
Sexiest AGSer - Dart
CJ's Best Deed of the Year - Being awesome, existing, improving AGS, freeing the slaves, breathing
Best Board Moderator - Darth Mandarb
Best Avatar - Haddas
Most Awaited Game Release - Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth