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The following questions are commonly asked by visitors to AGS. Please see if your question is answered here first before asking it.

Q: Where can I see some games made with AGS to see what it can do?
A: Check out the Games page. The Award Winners page gives a good idea of what sort of games have been made with AGS.

Q: How do I make my character animate like he's bending down?
Q: How do I make an intro where the man walks across the screen?

A: Please post questions like this to the forums. As much as I love your e-mails, I really don't want have to spend time replying personally to every little problem, when other AGS users will be more than willing to help you. I also read the message board, so if no-one else answers then I will make sure you get a response.

Q: Is AGS freeware? What's the license?
A: AGS is free for non-commercial use. AGS is open source.

Q: When will the next version of AGS be released?
A: The only answer I can give is - whenever it's ready. AGS has a large user base and new releases need to be kept in beta for a fair length of time to ensure they don't cause any backwards compatibility problems.
If you can't wait for the next official version, beta versions can usually be found on the Technical Forum; but bear in mind that they are likely to have bugs and will not be as stable as using the officially released version.

Q: Can you point me towards any good tutorials on learning AGS?
A: The manual is written in the form of a tutorial. However, if you find it hard to follow, you can check out the Resources and Links pages which have some websites with tutorials on them. Sadly there are not as many as we'd like, so once you're comfortable with AGS, why not write a tutorial to help other new users.