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How do I import this character I downloaded in CHA format?

In the editor, go to the Characters pane and click the "Import character" button. Simple.

On my screen, I can't move the main character. Wherever I click to move him, he just stands there.

If the main character isn't on a walkable area, he will not be able to move. Load the screen into the Room Editor, and check that the location where the man is has a walkable area there.

When I enter a certain room, I just get a black screen.

Make sure that you haven't used a blocking command in the "Player enters room (before fadein)" event for that room. Remember that this event happens BEFORE the screen fades in.

To make sure, when you get the black screen, try pressing enter, or clicking the left mouse button in case you might have a Display Message or similiar command placed in the "Player enters room (before fadein)" event. If nothing happens then something more serious may have happened. If this is the case, press Alt+X, which should exit the program and give you a trace of what was going on.

The character isn't drawn behind my walk-behind areas!

You need to define the base line for the area, or he will always be drawn in front.

My USERGAME.EXE file seems to have disappeared.

Because this file is your entire game, including the room files, when you save a room in the Room Editor it will delete the exe file (because the room contained in the exe is out of date). To get it back, simply save the game again by using the "Save game" command on the File menu.

The EXE is also deleted when you create a game template.

I get a message "Exiting due to signal SIGxxxx, Shutting down Allegro" and it says it "exited without requesting it".

If you see a list of numbers, each starting with "0x", please write them down and contact CJ on the forums. Check that you haven't done anything silly, like used a sprite or view number which doesn't exist.