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AGS forums profile

Goldmund, or Blazej Dzikowski, Polish writer, philosopher and former front figure of the progressive goth-orchestra Nachtwachen (in which he appeared as Herman Rottweiler, and not so rarely clad in suits adorned with chicken bones), has provided poetical input to the AGS-community since 2002.

Goldmund is one of two producers (who together form the game company Terminus, which is latin and means "border") of the futuristic vampire-tale Donna: Avenger in blood, which is unfortunately yet to be released. Goldmund is married to the professional photographer Dominika, who also designs parts of Donna.

Most of Goldmund's fame stems from his resemblance to Johnny Depp, a connection wich he has tried to erase by occasionally dressing in women's clothes.

Goldmund is also the star of Melt the Limit: Proper Things.