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Heartland is a short AGS mystery/horror game made by LimpingFish for OROW competition in 2006. its viewed in 1st person prospective.


A journalist named David Lawson was approached by an eccentric scientist named R.J. Coombs to talk about some discovery, but when he went to the Coombs' apartment, he found open with no traces for the scientist. He only found few tapes as diary entries for some strange experiment.

The game was re-released in a deluxe version.


Seconed part of the game. It follows a man locked in a facility cell, and most likely he was a scientist in the Heartland project.

Awards and nominations

Heartland won best writing in OROW 4, and Heartland Deluxe was nominated for two categoris in AGS Awards 2006:

  • Best Background Art
  • Best Short Game