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The Infinity String is a sci-fi AGS game made in 2007 by Slovenian gamemaker Sektor 13.

The game is made in 36.1 MB, and has two possible endings. The game art is drawn from famous previous games, like The Dig and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.


The story follows Yerik Elnar, a scientist who is sent to Antarctica in 2011 to help in researching strange ruins discovered by the a Russian expedition two years ago, and then he begins to witness weird things.

The game tells in a backstory about an ancient alien civilization called the Delegians, who discovered small threads of energy called the Strings. They wanted to use the strings in war against another alien race, but they failed to use it and scattered around the universe and built many stations, one of them is the Antarctican ruins.


  • Freehare: reviewed by Sebatianos and received 5/5 stars
  • reviewed by Shadee and received 90% score.
  • Adventure-treff: reviewed by Michael "neon" Stein and received 4/5 stars.
  • Adventure's Planet: reviewed by Pietro Lietti and received 78% score.

Awards and nominations

The game was nominated to four categories in 2007 AGS Awards, winning one for Background art. Other categories are:

  • Best AGS game
  • Best Story
  • Best use of sound
AGS Awards for Infinity String
The Family Treasure Best Background Art

in the year 2007

Succeeded by

A Second Face